Top trending hairstyles for women in February 2019

Tues, 13 Feb.

It probably has been a while since you may have changed your hairstyle but worry not as we have got you covered. We can help you bring that mighty change through the trends of February 2019. Here we will showcase many of the most trending hairstyles from celebrity events and hair stylists around the world. Most of these hairstyles have been in the limelight through celebrities, models and the customers of hair stylists in the month of February with many of them gearing up for Valentines Day. So here we go, and please note that all of these styles are for women:

Side Swept Bangs in Short Hair

One will look elegant and sharp in this short hairdo. The back and sides of this hairdo are swept either left or right over the head to give it shape and style. The front is swept across the forehead.

For this style to be immaculate, a product has to be used for keeping the hair in place. Also, a trim is also going to be important every 4 to 6 weeks since the last trim or haircut. This style is for straight hair but with straightening and blow drying one can get this trim the way it is even with wavy hair.

This hairstyle can bring out the eyes, especially if they are blue. Another thing it does is that it can also cover the whole shape of the face. The conclusive result is sophisticated and feminine.

Razor Cut Bangs in Short Casual Pixie Cut

This one is a type of a futuristic cut and therefore makes the wearer have a look of a person who might look light years ahead of the current generation. Though it may look futuristic, it is still a trend in the month of February.

The straight and sharp haircuts make it easier for the stylists to style them. The short haircut has side and back hairs tapered into and top of the head. This is where it is also converted into fine laying all the way to the top.

Dark hair color will make it stand more and will give it the edginess it craves while blonde or another color may make it feel awkward. The hairstyle will be perfect for someone with a triangular shaped face, as ideally, it looks good on it.

Medium Straight Light Blonde Casual Bob Hairstyle

Blondes really can have all the fun when it comes to hairstyles. They always have the newest styles at their disposal and at times they can also wear old ones (like Marilyn Monroe).

Majority of the hairstyles is straightened, while the end of the hair is transformed into kinks, which are fairly large. They are added to complement in the cheekbones and face the cut around this area.

It is for people with thin hair, as the cut and styling create volume. Trims are regularly needed to keep the cut in shape. You can also contour the cheeks, nose, and forehead to bring out the perfect oval shape.