Best Hair Trends and Hairstyles for Fall 2019

Tues, 23 Sep.

It’s that time of year again and fall is just around the corner. The leaves are changing, the temperature is beginning to drop, and the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte is available at a coffee shop near you. With this change of season comes another important change: fall hair trends and hairstyles. We all like to keep up with the latest trends and hair trends and hairstyles are no exception. Today, MyCuts will keep you in the loop by highlighting the best hair trends and hairstyles for fall 2019.

Redheads Will Rule the Fall

Many of us like to switch things up every now and then and if you have ever found yourself wanting to make a drastic change, fall 2019 is the time to do it. There is no better season to go for that bold red hair color and we’re willing to bet that redheads will rule the fall.

Colors like red, orange, and yellow are the most popular hues when it comes to the autumn season. As the leaves change, so do our fashion choices and warm, earthy tones will dominate the industry. There are few better ways to highlight your fall wardrobe than with a new, fresh red hair color.

The Cinnamon Ombre

The ombre has been around for awhile and there’s a very good reason that this elegant hair color trend has stuck around for so long. The ombre will remain a stylish trend in fall of 2019 but with a new twist: the cinnamon ombre. If you’re looking to make a change this year but favor a more subtle approach over a bold, fire-engine red, the cinnamon ombre is a great choice.

The cinnamon ombre will be a particularly fashionable hair trend for medium brunettes this year. As you bundle up in those warm fall sweaters that are even warmer in color, a cinnamon ombre will serve you well in providing a highlighting effect to your overall look. By mixing in a few cinnamon highlights, you will accentuate your face and add new dimension without that unwanted brassy effect.

The Middle Part is Back in Style

The simple, yet elegant middle part ruled the 70’s and it has steadily increased in popularity as of late. With many runway models sporting the middle part during some of the most prestigious pre-fall fashion shows this year, it’s clear that this hairstyle will remain trendy well into 2019’s autumn season.

The middle part is as classy as it is versatile. If you want to make it a part of your look for fall 2019, there are endless ways to style it. This look will fit medium to long length hair the best and can be incorporated into a low ponytail or spruced up with some voluminous waves. The choice is yours!

Simplifying Your Trip to the Hair Salon This Fall

Now that you’re up to date on the best hair trends and hairstyles for fall 2019, it’s likely you’re thinking about scheduling your next appointment to the hair salon. As fall approaches, many people will have the same idea and your local hair salon is bound to get busy. Luckily, MyCuts is here to simplify the process for hair salons and their customers.

With software like MyCuts, hair salons can offer their customers a quick, easy, and convenient way to schedule and monitor their hair appointments and this can effectively manage the chaos that busy seasons like fall can induce. With MyCuts, your hair stylist will be able to easily manage their list of clients, remind their customers of upcoming appointments, and even schedule recurring appointments to keep you looking fresh and ready for fall.

Are you a hair salon looking to improve your productivity? Take a look at our demo to see exactly what MyCuts can do for you. Fall is fast approaching- make sure you’re ready!